Using Wax Print Fabrics For Custom Accessory Orders

The majority of our business in Kampala is via custom orders, where clients hear about our workshop and ask if they can make a particular item to certain specifications by a needed deadline.  It's exciting to work in this way because our seamstresses get to challenge their skills and use their creativity in new ways.

One custom order was for Just Like My Child Foundation (JLMC), a foundation that created a holistic system of programs to uplift communities and help stop human rights abuses and ignorance that kills children.  Their ultimate commitment is one similar to Girl Up Initiative Uganda – to empower women and girls to achieve their full potential.

Located in Luweero district, they ordered 30 shopping tote bags for a group of visitors to their organization as a souvenir.  They requested the bag fold down and zip to the shape of a heart, with their logo tag affixed to the exterior of the heart.

One final desired detail was that they be made in a pink colored fabric so we went to the fabric market, took some photos of available options, and let the client select the one they most loved.  The final result was one everyone was happy with, and our seamstresses learn how to make these zippered compact tote bags in a new, fun shape.

We really enjoyed working with JLMC and hope to work with other foundations, non-profits, and businesses in a similar way, fulfilling order for gifts when visitors come to town, as a souvenir of their involvement with the organization.  If you have a connection at an NGO or foundation in Kampala, let us know - we'd love an introduction!

A second, smaller order came from a client who wanted four predominantly denim fabric wallets made for both men and women to use.  The men’s wallets were made with a simple attractive design while the women's wallets had a clutch-type fashion with a feminine bow accent. Both incorporated dutch wax fabrics for a pop of color against the blue denim.

We were given a short deadline to produce them and we delivered!  A special request was that we sew ‘Uganda’ onto them as the client was traveling to Kenya with them and felt pride in noting her country of origin in this way. 

To see more examples of what Mazuri can create, please visit our Shop Mazuri page and view our gallery.  To learn more about our mission to become an organization recognized by practicing fair trade principles, you can click here.