Our Seamstress Trainees

We are pleased to introduce a few of the young women trainees in our Sewing Our Futures vocational training program in sewing, tailoring and fashion design

I want to complete my tailoring course at Mazuri Designs and start up my own business as a fashion designer.
— Anna

My name is Anna. I grew up with my mother after my father had abandoned us. I was supported by my mother through school up to senior 4 when she stopped because she was not financially capable. I stopped going to school and have since then been helping my mother at home. My mother has a stall where she sells local food and other things. I have been helping her attend to the stall, but it is not very sustainable. 

I heard about Girl Up Initiative Uganda from the chairperson who told us that there was an organisation recruiting out of school girls for a six months training in tailoring and that it was free.

I want to successfully finish my tailoring course at Mazuri Designs so that I can be able to start up my own tailoring shop or get employed in a well-known company to acquire funds that can sustain my daughter’s education.
— Doreen

My name is Doreen Nakalema. I am 20 years old and a mother to a four year old baby girl. I grew up with mother who supported me through school up to senior three. Towards the end 2012, I became pregnant while at school. I took off a year from school to take care of the pregnancy, prepare to give birth and also to find a way to provide for my unborn child since the person responsible did not want to commit to support the child.

After giving birth, I really wanted to go back to school and continue however, my mother could not afford to pay for my dues in a higher institution and when asked to contribute, my father told me to lobby for support from the person responsible for my pregnancy. I gave up on school and stayed at home to help my mother with work at a stall she had, to help us earn a living. I later got a job at a local restaurant where I worked until now. I currently stay with my sister who is also supporting my kindergarten-aged child.                                                                                                                                                     

I heard about Mazuri and the tailoring intake from a family friend and I thought that it would be a good opportunity for me to start over. I am very excited to learn a lot more and so far, I love what the seamstresses are teaching us.

I hope to learn a lot so that I can become a professional tailor.
— Miriam

My name is Apio Miriam, 17 years old. I am privileged to be part of Mazuri because it is a learning platform for me. I did not have a chance to go so far with school because my parents passed away while I was still very young which called for me dropping out of school.. I then stayed with my uncle after my parents death but since he had many children, he could not support us all through school. I stayed with my uncle in the village for quite a long time until this year when I was invited to stay with my untie in Kampala.

My auntie was told about Mazuri by a neighbor of ours who is affiliated to girl up through the school clubs. She informed my aunt that there was an intake of out of school young girls who were interested in gaining tailoring skills this year, which my aunt thought would be helpful for me to apply for. I then came to the Girl Up office and was told about the procedures and more about the project.

A few weeks later, we started our training and I like what I am learning. 

I love making things for myself and I love fashion.
— Sandra

My name is Sandra Basemera. I am 20 years old and I live in Mutungo. I joined Mazuri Designs training because I love making things for myself and I love fashion. I heard about it from my cousin who had learnt about the training from Monica, Girl Up Initiative's Executive Director. I was impressed after he told me about it, so I later came and found out more from the seamstresses and joined. I did not know how to sew before but I was happy to come to Mazuri and learn different things like making skirts. I completed my ordinary level secondary certificate recently, but I did not apply to join higher education because of lack of money to facilitate my school fees.

By coming to the design classes, I have met different people and made new friends. I learn a lot that will supplement my skills and also enable me to start up something to raise money to allow me to continue with school. I hope to be a fashion designer in the future and start my own fashion business, making clothes for both men and women. 

I look forward to the new things that am going to learn and the skills too.

Jamila Mazuri seamstress.png

My name is Jamilia Amida. I am 18 years old and I live in Luzira Barracks. I found out about the Mazuri Designs training classes from my aunt. She saw the good work that Girl Up Initiative Uganda was doing in the community so she brought me to join the program.

Before I joined the classes I had only sewn shirts at home so I was happy that the seamstresses would teach me how to sew different clothes. As a trainee, I am enjoying creating necklaces and making new friends. In the future, I want to begin my own tailoring business.

Every purchase with Mazuri Designs profits the skills development and training of these young women. If you'd like to place an order for clothing or accessories, please visit this page for more information.